Cheerleaders turn WWE Divas (Active & Retired)

WWE Divas Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders who perform during the half time shows in NBA, MLB and NFL matches getting spotlight now a days. Recently many cheerleaders turn professional athletes. World Wrestling Entertainment, one of the platform where mostly girls trying their luck. Most of them were successful. Here you will see the names of wwe divas cheerleaders.

Stacy Keibler well known diva who made professional debut in 1999 and retired in 2006, before becoming professional wrestling athlete, she performed for Baltimore Ravens in their cheerleader dance squad. The other names in list who turned from cheerleaders wwe divas (Naomi, Eve Torres, and Carmella).

Tanea Brooks, (Rebel) Cheerleader of Dallas Cowboys :

Brooks in Ohio Valley Wrestling
Brooks rise to fame from (Ohio Valley Wrestling) as professional superstar. But before turning wrestling athlete, she is part of Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

Stacy Keibler, Cheerleader of Baltimore Ravens :

Stacy keibler 2020 earnings
Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Lita and Trish Stratus top divas of 90’s wrestling. Keibler, is cheerleader of Baltimore Ravens. She is just 18 year old when she joined the Ravens cheerleader dance crew. In 2006, she announced retirement from wrestling.

Eve Torres, Cheerleader of Los Angeles Clippers :

Eve Torres 2020 Earnings
Torres is a professional cheerleader for Los Angeles Clippers before join WWE wrestling. She become famous in wrestling after winning the women title during year 2009-2011. In January 2013, she announced her retirement from wrestling career.

Naomi, Cheerleader of Orlando Magic :

Naomi wwe diva
Naomi turned professional wrestling diva from Cheerleader. She is part of Orlando Magic cheerleaders. Naomi later in 2016, join highest paid divas list with annual salary of $220,000.

Carmella, Cheerleader of New England Patriots :

Carmella 2020 Earnings
Carmella performed for the Super bowl winners and most popular team of NFL league (New England Patriots). She joined wrestling in year 2013. Carmella currently active in her wrestling career and also appearing on famous tv show WWE “total divas”.

Alexa Bliss, Cheerleader of Akron :

Alexa Bliss wwe diva 2020
Alexa Bliss listed among the most dominate female superstars. Within short period of time she achieved great success in her wrestling career. She joined the Trish Stratus and Lita record and become five times women champion in (Raw and Smackdown).

Layla El, Cheerleader of Miami Heat:

Layla El earnings
Layla El performed for the cheerleaders of Miami Heat. She made her debut in WWE wrestling 2006 and retired from professional wrestling in year 2015.

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