Jojo Offerman Net Worth

Jojo Offerman net worth

Jojo Offerman made her debut in WWE as professional wrestler but later turned ring announcer. She rise to fame after joining the WWE show (Total Divas) in 2013. As professional wrestler, she made her first appearance in June 2013, at (WWE Main Event). Jojo Offerman net worth reported $5 million in year 2019.

Jojo Offerman Net Worth ($1 Million) :

She offered contract as part-time ring announcer in 2013. In August 2013, Jojo appeared as special guest ring announcer for Natalya and Brie Bella fight at a main event. Offerman joined NXT as ring announcer full time in year 2013. According to reports, ring announcers NXT earn $15k base salary a year.

Jojo Offerman Base Salary ($100,000) : Offerman earnings increased after signing new contract with WWE. In 2015, she offered a new contract in WWE, according to which she serve as ring-announcer for main events, Smackdown and Raw. After turning full time wwe ring announcer, Jojo make ($100k) a year. Some wrestling divas and ring announcers earn extra when they appear on the WWE photo calendar. She is married to professional wrestler (Bray Wyatt).

Base Salary
Contract Year
Total Divas
Main Cast
WWE Raw & Smackdown
Ring Announcer
2020 (active)
Total Divas
Guest Appearance

All information based financial data gathered from trusted sources, her salary for total divas is estimated.She is currently highest paid female ring announcer in WWE 2020. WWE never share or revealed wrestlers contract details but in last few years many sources reported WWE wrestlers earnings yearly and main events.