ATP Cup 2021 Prize Money

ATP Cup 2021 Prize

The second edition of ATP Cup 2021 take place in the month February, the events schedule changed after corona-virus pandemic. Previously event began in the month of January where 24 teams particapte but due to rising cases of covid-19, the event moved to next February. ATP Cup 2021 prize money reported $7.5 million.

ATP Cup 2021 Prize Money




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Total Prize Money

$7.5 million (Participation fees not reported)

Total prize money decrease for this year tennis event according to reports $7.5 million distributed among players in first edition total $15 million distributed among players who participated. Prize fund reduction take place due to covid-19 and fans attendance. In singles competition maximum 500 (FedEX points) rewarded and 250 points rewarded in double category. Undefeated player in the singles will earn (500) points in ATP Cup 2021.

Above ATP Cup 2021 money did not include any participation fees, there are allot of changes made to the players participation income. Tennis player ranked from 1-3 earned ($114,000), players who ranked between 4-8 earn ($102,000) and ranking between 9-12 players make ($90,000). Complete details regarding to players participation fees updated once it confirmed from the sources. The first edition prize is 50% more than second edition.