Six Nations Championship 2020 Official Kits (All Teams)

Six Nations Official Kits 2020

Six Nations Championship all teams kits were revealed for 2020 tournament. Both home and away kit kits released for all six teams. Have look and see the changes that made for the teams kit styles. Six Nations 2020 Official Kits come with unique design and color combination.

Some kits of all six nations rugby teams based on the previous design just like world cup 2019 kits. Six Nations 2020 official kits of some teams revealed in 2019 and some kits released in 2020.

England Six Nations 2020 Home & Away Kit:

England Home Kit Six Nations Championship 2020
England six nations championship home kit comes in classic white style, the kit featured red line stripes on the collar and arms. The kit comes with plane texture, having logo of six nations and emblem on the front.

England six nations away kit 2020
England away kit for six nations also released. The kit featured red and black color. The shorts were featured in black color. The combination of black and red color gives England away kit a unique look only few changes different from the previous 2019 kit of six nations.

Ireland Six Nations 2020 Home & Away Kit:

Ireland Six Nations Rugby 2020 kit
Ireland release their six nations home and away kits. The home kit featured in green color. There is single stripe design on the corners, arms and collar of the shirt in white color.

Ireland Away Kit featured 2020 Six Nations

Ireland away kit featured in different design. Small dots printed on the shirt and kit featured three colors light blue, green, and black. The stripes on arm, collar, and corners of the shirt design in green and white color.

Wales Six Nations 2020 Home & Away Kit:

Wales Home kit 2020 Six Nations
Wales home kit designed in red color edition. There single stripe design on the arms and collars of the shirt. The stripe printed in white color and also the sponsor name. The kit manufactured by Under Armour.

Wales away kit Green six nations 2020
The away kit of Wales designed in green color. The kit featured unique color edition light green and dark green. The stripe design on collar, arms and side corners in white and dark green color. The sponsor logo on the shirt printed white color.

France Six Nations 2020 Home & Away Kit:

France home and away six nations kit 2020
France six nation home kit comes in the traditional design and color. The kit featured dark blue and blue color and the collar of kit printed in white color. The logo of France team printed in red color as seen in the picture. The away kit comes in plane white edition and the logo printed in red color not many changes made to the away kit design.

Scotland Six Nations 2020 Home & Away Kit:

Scotland Six Nations 2020 Kits
Scotland home kit for the six nations said to be in dark blue color. The kit featured Scotland logo in white color. The dark blue and green color stripes designed on the shoulders and arms of their home kit. The away kit of Scotland featured in sky blue color. The logo of Scotland team printed in dark blue color in away shirt and also stripes on the collar and arms.

Italy Six Nations 2020 Home & Away Kit:

Italy Six Nations Home Away kits 2020
Italy home kit comes in blue color edition the kit featured dark navy blue color stripes on the arms and around the collar of shirt. The sponsor logo printed in white color. The away kit of Italy comes in white edition and have horizontal two line stripes design on the front in dark navy blue and sky blue color as you can see in the above pictures.

If there are any changes to the current kits of the all teams or any of these teams updated here later. The kit detail taken from trusted sources of rugby. Stay tuned for more updates from the Rugby events and six nations championship 2020.

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