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WWE Divas Match Fees 2020

WWE recently bring many new faces to the franchise and given new contracts female wrestlers. The most prominent name among them is (Ronda Rousey). WWE never share the details of their male or female wrestlers. But many reports claimed the wrestlers salaries and wwe divas salaries in last few years.

In 2012, a report revealed the salaries of CEO, Board directors salaries of WWE personnel. In 2013, Total Sports Madness released the details of wrestlers salaries. Later in the same year a Sports Economic blog revealed the details of all wrestlers earnings (Sport Rich List). Here we collected some of the data based contracts of wwe divas.

Divas PPV’s Bonus Base Salary Merchandise Bonus Franchise
Ronda Rousey (released from contract)$250,000$2.1 million2.5%Raw / Smackdown
Charlotte Flair$50,000$1 millionN/ARaw 
Becky Lynch$50,000$3.1 million (Contract)1.5%Raw 
Alexa Bliss$30,000$350,0001%Smackdown
Nia Jax$20,000$300,000N/ARaw
Sasha BanksN/A$250,000N/ASmackdown
Mickey JamesN/A$250,000N/ASmackdown
Shayna Baszler$10,000$200,0002.5%NXT
Nikki Bella$20,000$200,0002.5%Raw / Smackdown
Brie BellaN/A$200,000N/ARaw / Smackdown
Paige$50,000$350,000N/ARaw / Smackdown
Kairi SaneN/A$250,000N/ARaw 
Liv MorganN/A$250,000N/ARaw 
Sarah LoganN/A$180,000N/ARaw 
Sonya DevilleN/A$180,000N/ASmackdown
Nikki CrossN/A$150,000N/ASmackdown
Mandy RoseN/A$150,000N/ASmackdown
Lacey EvansN/A$160,000N/ASmackdown
Ember MoonN/A$150,000N/ASmackdown
Dana BrookeN/A$200,000N/ASmackdown
Maria KanellisN/A$250,0001%Smackdown
Peyton RoyceN/A$150,000N/ARaw
Ruby RiottN/A$150,000N/ARaw 
Zelina VegaN/A$150,000N/ARaw 
MaryseN/A$100,000N/ARaw / Smackdown
Candice LeRaeN/A$60,000N/ANXT
Jessamyn DukeN/A$60,000N/ANXT
Marina ShafirN/A$60,000N/ANXT
Tegan NoxN/A$60,000N/ANXT
Xia LiN/A$60,000N/ANXT
Vanessa BorneN/A$60,000N/ANXT
Ronda Rousey Earnings 2020 Contract Details

Ronda Rousey currently highest paid WWE diva with annual salary upto $2.1 million which include winning bonus and ppv earnings. WWE paid some wrestlers for their merchandise sale which include earlier (Lita, Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson).

Ronda Rousey earn almost 2.5% for her merchandise sale according (TSM Sports) report. Wrestling Forum explain that wwe divas earn bonus when they get a title fight in Pay-per-view event. According to Total Sports ($250,000) is maximum paid to wrestling diva (Ronda Rousey) for her main ppv’s appearance.

Becky Lynch Salary 2020 in WWECharlotte and Beck Lynch both earn $50,000 for their main ppv’s event. WWE divas earnings might be higher because currently no-information available about how much they get paid for WWE (Total Divas) reality tv show.

NXT Divas Contracts:

NXT become third most watched wrestling event after Smackdown and Raw. Shayna Baszler is current champion of NXT divas. She is among the highest paid NXT Divas 2020. Many new wrestling diva’s talent is emerging from NXT and getting spotlight in the main events of Raw and Smack Down. Paige is one of the best example of NXT talents WWE Found.

Baszler 2020 Salary NXTBaszler with annual base contract ($200,000) make her highest paid in Franchise. According (TSM Sports) and (Express UK) report NXT wrestlers signed a contract worth of $50,000 or $60,000. Only get paid when the take part in the wrestling matches.

Pay-per-View Earnings & Annual Salary Contracts:

No information is made by our crew all information is given after complete research on divas salaries. The above information is taken from trusted sources of wrestling blogs, news, website and forums. TSM Sports, Mirror UK (2019) report, Forbes Magazine, Wrestling INC, Crunchy Sports, Sports Keeda, Total Sports and others. WWE never reveal’s the wrestlers and franchise staff salaries but reports claimed that they have information how much they earn per year, weekly and pay-per-view earnings.