Tour de Ski 2020 Prize Money

Tour de ski winners cash prizes

Tour de Ski the first cross-country skiing event in year 2020. Johannes Høsflot Klæbo and Ingvild Flugstad Østberg current winners of the competition. In 2019, prize money announced for the the Tour de Ski winners of competition.

Total prize money adjusted for the Tour de Ski 2019-20 is ($569,990). This prize money equally distributed among the both male and female players. Previous tournament prize fund quite lower compared to the new tournament.

PDC Darts World Championship 2020 Prize Money (Reveled)
Stage Prize Money US$ Prize Money (Swiss franc)
Champion $58,500 CHF 55,000
Each Stage Win $3,200 CHF 300
Sprint Standings  $6,500 CHF 6,000
Total Prize Money $569,990 $569,990

Both male and female players winners earn $50,000 prize money. Each player who win the stage earn $3,200. Tour de Ski consist of six to nine stages. The above prize money details taken from trusted sources. No information about any changes to the prize money is updated so far.