Premier League Darts 2020 Prize Money

Premier League Darts Prizes

Premier League Darts schedules for the year 2020 announced. Four countries host the tournaments (Netherlands, Germany, UK and Ireland). The prize money increased for the competition after announcing the schedule of the event. Overall prize money adjusted for the tournament upto (£855,000). Premier league darts prizes adjusted for the top 9 players this year.

Premier league darts prizes in year 2020, equally distributed among the top players. The winner in the previous tournament received (£250,000) winning share. There are reports before the tournament of 2020 announced, that winners prize money increased (£270,000).

Premier League Darts 2020 Prize Money
Prize Money
5th Place
6th Place
7th Place
8th Place
9th Place
League Winner Bonus
Total Prize Money

In the above table you can see how the prize money distributed. The winner of the tournament totally earned prize money of (£275,000) which include the winning league bonus of (£25,000). The prize money distributed among top 9 players in the tournament.

The two players who knocked out of the semi finals finished at 3rd and fourth place in the tournament earned (£80,000). The runner-up this year in Premier league darts 2020 make (£120,000). All financial data information for the darts competition collected from trusted sources.

If any changes made to the current prize money or players received any tv rights money just like in other sports updated here. Michael van Gerwen current defending champion and won more than any dart player.

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