European Figure Skating Championships Prize Money 2020 (Winners Share)

European Figure Skating Championships Prize Money

European Figure Skating Championships winners not only earn medals but also get paid for their performances. Last year $294k distributed among the both male and female competitors. Men’s and Female singles winner received $21,000 and Paris dance winners received ($30k). European Figure Skating Championships winners share compare to other ice dance sports more.

The prize money for the upcoming European Figure Skating might increase compare to previous competition. No official details about the 2020 prize fund confirmed yet. But sources claimed that $350,000 total prize fund adjusted for the competition.

European Figure Skating Championships 2020 Prize Money
Men’s & Ladies Singles Share
Pairs & Ice Dance Winners
Total Prize Money

The winners of the pairs dance earn ($30,000) and runner-ups in the finals received ($20,000). Bronze medalist received reward of ($12,000) in Ice dance and pairs competition. Those who finished at 6th place singles collected ($3,000) and pairs and ice dance 6th place finishers collect ($5k).

Javier Fernández current defending champions in men’s single competition and Sofia Samodurova women’s champion. The pairs dance in 2019, totally dominated by France Skaters (Vanessa James and Morgan Ciprès) and looking to retain their title. The ICE dance competition last year won by Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron French pair.

The financial information collected from multiple sources based on news sites, blogs, and public reports. Prize money might increase or decrease for the upcoming event. If any changes made to the reward funds that will updated here later. Stay tuned for more news from the ice skating and sports competition.

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