EHF Champions League 2020-21 Prize Money

EHF Champions League Prize

EHF Champions League 2019-20 one of the biggest handball competition among top club teams. The tournament began in 2019 September and final played on 31st May 2020. But how much winning team, runner ups and semi finalist earn from EHF Champions league prize money. The purse payout for each handball club disclosed last year.

The winners share increased 25% more for the season 2019-20 which means the winner of 2019-20 handball champions league earn (€1 million) the runner-up in the tournament get paid (€400k). Further details for EHF champions league prize money you can see in the given table.

EHF Champions League 2020 Prize Money 
Prize Money
€1 million
€400,000 (38%)
Third Place
€230,000 (33%)
Fourth Place
€170,000 (28%)
Quarter Finalist
€50,000 (each losing team)
Group Standings (1st & 2nd Position)
Points Obtain in Quarter Finals
Points Earned in Playoff’s
Points Earned in Group Games
Each team bonus for away, playoff’s and quarter finals

The prize money of €800k distributed equally among all teams who reached the finals. The second place team earn their share of (38%) which is (€400,000). Third place finishing team received their share of (33%) and 4th place team in the EHF Champions league received (28%) share from total purse of €800,000.

The four teams who knocked out of the EHF champions league quarter finals as per reports earned (€50k) each. There is extra bonus fund adjusted for 2020-21 tournament which include (group stage) 1st and 2nd position teams share in prize money. Each team who stand 1st and 2nd in their group from 2020-21 earn (€30,000). Financial information based on EHF handball champions league gathered trusted sources, if the prize money in future increase or decrease it will be updated here later.