Dakar Rally Prize Money | Cash Bonus For Riders & Drivers

Dakar Rally Prize Money

Dakar Rally this year moved to Arab. Saudi Arabia hosting the Dakar Rally and massive crowed expected for the upcoming season. According to sources there is no prize money for the Dakar Rally. But last year a sports magazine (Sports Unplug) revealed that drivers and riders earn cash prizes for each stage base on their sponsors.

A report revealed in 2018, that drivers and riders signed contracts with some sponsorship companies. According to contract they get paid cash if they complete the whole Dakar Rally. Earnings will be double if they win the stage in their category.

Competitors Cost of Rides Cash Prize (Winning Stage) Sponsor Bonus
Motor Bike Riders$70,000 – $250,000$50,000$350,000
ATV Quads Riders$50,000 – $120,000$50,000$350,000
Cars Drivers$300,000$50,000$500,000
UTV Drivers$250,000$30,000$350,000
Trucks Drivers$250,000$50,000$350,000

The above detail of prize money taken from trusted sources of Dakar Rally. A website unveil that riders and drivers won’t compete for the prize money or cash bonus. Riders and drivers main aim is to get their names on the trophy which is a big achievement for them.

Almost each rider earn same cash amount for their performance from sponsorship’s. According to (Sport Rich List) a winning driver or rider in stage’s earn $50,000. At the end of the tournament if win the Dakar Rally make ($350,000). No such details provided by any official of dakar rally official about the current prize money and cash bonus.

The rally started from the first month 2020 January. Gulf News report that more than 550 drivers looking forward to join the Saudi Arabia Dakar Rally this year. ASO the organizers of the event recently switch move from South America deserts to Arab deserts on 5 years long-term deal.

Formula 1 prize money is 50 times more if we compared to Dakar Rally. Further details about the upcoming Rally competition in Saudi Arabia will be provided here.