Super Bowl 55 Prize Money (Winners Share) Confirmed

Super Bowl LV Money

Super Bowl 2021 announced, things have been changed since covid-19 impact, this 20% to 25% people will allowed to attempt the super bowl game. There is slight increase in Super Bowl LV prize money for winning team players they can earn ($130,000) bonus money each. Complete details yet not released.

Super Bowl 2021 Prize Money (Confirmed)


Purse Money


Winners Share



Runner-ups Share



Wild Card Round

$30,000 (only division winners)


Divisional Round



Conference Championship



The second place team share in Super Bowl LV prize money increase from $62,000 to $65,000 this year. Which means, Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers who ever finished second, each of its player received bonus share of ($65,000) and winning team players earn ($130,000). Last year in 2020, (Super Bowl LIV prize money) for winners.

The wild-card entry players received bonus ($30,000) and if they have won division their bonus money increase to ($33,000). The division round winners earn ($33k) and conference champions will rewarded with ($59k).

A report revealed that 22,000+ capacity seats will be filled on match day which include 7,500 health care workers who received (COVID-19 vaccine). This year corona-virus impact the attendance and makes it least attendant game of the history in Super Bowl competition.