Pro Bowl Prize Money | (Winners Share)

Pro Bowl 2020 Players Bonus

The two best teams of NFL all-stars meeting each other in Pro Bowl match. Its the 2nd biggest event after Super Bowl. Pro Bowl winning team and runner-up team players earn cash prizes. The prize money of Pro Bowl comparatively lower than Superbowl winners.

SummaryPrize Money
Winners Share$120,000
Runner-ups Share$80,000

Super Bowl winners team rosters received $118,000 and runner-ups earn $59,000. Pro Bowl winners of 2019, earn $67,000 as for winning and runner-up team rosters collected $34,000. Mostly prize money generated for player’s from ticket’s revenue and tv rights money.

The 2020 Pro Bowl held on 26 January at Camping World Stadium in Orlando. The stadium capacity increase upto 64,000 which means massive tickets sales revenue can be generated this year from Pro Bowl. Tv channels Pro Bowl announced ABC, ESPN and ESPN Deportes provide live telecast in United States.

Currently no official update about the ticket’s revenue share for the winning team. But players this year earn $120,000 for winning the Pro Bowl Prize Money as per rumors claimed and runner-ups received $80,000.