Tennis Ball Boys & Girls Salaries

Tennis Ball Boy Girls Salaries

Ball Boy and Girls seen in the court on both sides having tennis balls in their hands. How much money do tennis ball boys girls earn in a tennis match. Most of the times girls and boys volunteers for this duty during the matches. But in some tournaments tennis ball boys and girls get paid. Tennis ball boys Salaries increase in last two years specifically in Grand-Slam events.


Mostly tennis balls boys and girls volunteer for the job. Because this give them opportunity to see their favorite tennis players and meet them. They get free entrance in the match and quickly provide tennis balls back to the players during the match.

Tennis Ball Boys Girls Earnings 2020

Tennis Ball Boys Salaries ($500) in Australian Open: TSM Sportz reported in their survey report about tennis balls boys and girls salary. According to them tennis ball boy earn ($500) per match during the grand-slam matches and $100 from ATP tours. Tennis ball girls salaries also increased ($500).

Tennis Ball Girls & Boys Salary (WTA & ATP Tours): The salary cap of tennis ball boys and girls for in WTA tour and ATP tour maximum $100. In the above we earlier explain mostly young girls and boys volunteer for the tennis events ATP and WTA so they can see the top tennis star live and get signed shirts and other accessories.

A sports economic news survey explained that ball boys and girls in tennis maximum earn $500 only in the grand-slam tournaments. They wear the sponsored outfits. Young boys and girls selected for the grand-slam events each year. Wimbledon, Roland Garros and US Open tennis ball boys and girls earn ($500) as per sources claimed.