Stewart Anderson Net Worth

Stewart Anderson net worth

Stewart Anderson one of the best player in bowls sports. His career in bowling started at the age of 12 from Indoor Juniors and outdoor championships. In 2016, he work as team with (Darren Burnett) and Scottish pair earned their first major victory in open pairs category at (2016 World Indoor Bowls Championship). Stewart Anderson net worth ($1 million) according celebs trending now a news source collect financial data information of celebrities and sports persons.

Stewart Anderson Net Worth ($1.5 Million)

He is among the highest earning bowls players worldwide. He is two time men’s single competition (world indoor bowls championship). Anderson earnings increased from winning prize money from competition. Singles winner in (world Indoor bowls championship) earn £55,000.

Stewart Anderson Career Earnings
Prize Money
2013 World Indoor Championships
£55,000 (Singles winner)
2016 World Indoor Championships
£55,000 (pairs winners)
2019 World Indoor Championships
£55,000 (singles winners)
2020 World Indoor Championships
£8,000 (quarter finalist)

In the above table all the information of the athlete based on public reports about his prize money winnings during the year 2013-20. If he won any big competition in future updated later. He earn almost (£8k) share for finishing quarter finalist in the world indoor bowls championship 2020 prize money.

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