NASCAR Pit Crew Members Salaries

NASCAR becomes the most watch race sports in United States. But how much money does a NASCAR pit crew member earn. The salaries paid to the members based on their skills. Crew Chief who select the team for pit earn more money.


In recent few years, NASCAR reduced the members in Pit from six to five members. This means that crew has to work more quickly and with good collaboration to get the winning results. Pit Crew staff is one of the important part of any racing team in NASCAR because they make sure that there no mechanical faults.

Members Raceday Earnings Winning Bonus
Crew Chief$10,000$2,500
Front Tire Changer$1,500$300
Front Tire Carrier$1,500$300
Rear Tire Changer$1,500$300
Rear Tire Carrier$1,500$300
Utility Man$500N/A

Crew Chief:
The key role in the for right pit stop played by the crew chief of the NASCAR team. A crew chief get paid between $200,000 to $1 million a year based on his team performance. He is the first person who is in contact with driver to tell when to take pit stop.

Tire Changers:
Tires are the key part of the NASCAR racing one wrong tire can create huge problem for the drivers. The tire changers bring the new tires before the car comes to pit stop. A website report claimed that a top tire changer earn $80,000 annually from NASCAR.

His duty is to fill the car fuel tank, required according to race laps. A fueler in NASCAR earn $1,500 per race and annually he makes ($250,000) from the races.

His duty is to raise the car with equal balance from both and left and right side so that tires person can change the tire. He signals the driver when to leave the pit. He earn $3,000 per race but a report from (Crunchy Sports) claimed a Jackman in NASCAR earn annually $300,000.

Spotter is one who keeps in touch with driver what is going on tract. If there is any incident he alerts the driver. He take’s the position on the top of the grand stand to see entire tract to make sure every thing is perfect. A spotter earn $2,500 maximum per race.