MotoGP Pit Crew Salaries (Paddock Staff Per Race Fees)

MotoGP Pit Crew Salaries

MotoGP riders wont take much pit stops during the as much as Formula 1 pit crew people take. Many reports revealed the salaries of MotoGP riders. But how much people behind the successful running sports bike on the tracks earn. There is a pit crew team in MotoGP that handles the situation once the rider start facing trouble during the race. Motogp pit crew salaries based on their experience and skills. How much staff members of motogp paddock earn during the season.

The top teams in MotoGP big salaries to their staff specially in Paddock to maintain the bikes before the race. Allot of people involved in the pit staff of MotoGP lead by (crew chief). He holds the most important task before during the race. He is involved from the start of the race till the end. According to leaked motogp pit crew salaries, crew chief earned $40,000 to $130,000 annually.


In the above table you can see the salaries that paid to the MotoGP Paddock staff and staff on duty during pit crew stop. The financial details taken from trusted sources. In the above salaries only maximum pay’s mention while some motogp team pay lower salaries compared to this.

MotoGP mechanics Salaries

MotoGP Crew Chief Annual Salary (€130,000) : He is the key man behind successful pit stop. He holds the most important duty to let the rider know when to take pit stop during the race. The professional and experienced pit crew chief earn big salary contract compare to recently promoted to MotoGP from Moto2 and Moto3 series. Experienced mostly hired because they know the tracks very well.

A professional crew chief get paid maximum (€130k) annually. The crew chief with less experienced in racing offered contract money upto (€40,000). They get paid bonus at the end of each season if their rider and team finished top on points table.

MotoGP Telemetry Annual Salary (€80,000) : Telemetry personnel’s important for each motogp paddock staff, collects the data and analysis it later to make changes to rider strategy. They are the one’s who collects all the data during the race and look for the changes to make during the race and to alert the rider to change his style during the race. A telemetry staff member maximum get paid (€80k) and lowest earning in a season (€35,000) after taxes.

MotoGP Mechanic Annual Salary (€70,000) : Mechanic are the key person in MotoGP. They look for the major changes to the tires, engine, breaks and suspension in the garage. Mechanics who work with MotoGP teams earn maximum (€70k) and less experienced earn upto (€30k) annually.

MotoGP Press Officers Annual Salary (€30,000) : Press officers and hospitality managers in MotoGP maximum earn (€30,000) some of them were happy with this pay-scale some have their different opinion about lower salaries. They are the one’s who look for the best hospitality for the riders and look for the possible update that should made public on behalf of his team and rider.

MotoGP pit crew staff earnings increased when their team wins the MotoGP championship or finished in the top three position. MotoGP pit members salaries compare to F1 pit crew salaries lower.

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