MotoGP Paddock Girls Salaries

MotoGP Paddock Girls Salaries

Paddock girls have their own touch of style and glamour to proceed in MotoGP. These young ladies shared grid with some top names in bike racing. Every one connected to bike racing earn monthly and yearly. MotoGP paddock girls salaries revealed recently by sports income survey source (simply hired).

According to them MotoGP Paddock girls salary rise to $75,000 since 2014-2019. In the survey report they have mention 25% increase in the paddock girls earning in last two season motogp (2018-19). Another news source (Paycheck) revealed the paddock girls earnings upto ($25,000) annual.

Annual Salary
Per Race Fees
Meal Services, Free tickets, travel expenses
Annual Salary
Endorsement Deals

Paddock girls in motogp earn $1,500 reported (TSM Sport). Not only they get paid but also get free tickets for the racing, meal services and travel expenses if selected for foreign country. MotoGP is platform for them to get endorsement deals. Many top sponsorship’s working with Motogp pay them for appearing in their ads or magazine covers.

Motogp umbrella girls 2020

MotoGP Umbrella Girls Earnings ($25,000) : Paddock girls stand near to the motogp riders before the start with Umbrella. The girls wear outfits that were sponsored. Some Paddock girls and umbrella girls only appear with the motogp teams whom they were sponsored.

MotoGP Paddock Girls Benefits & Facilities : Paddock girls in motogp racing get some top facilities which include free meal services, endorsement contracts offered, sponsored outfits, free tickets for the races, and they have chance to meet their favorite riders.

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