ICC Cricket Umpires Salaries

ICC cricket umpires match fees

International Cricket Council change many rules for the game in past 5 years. To improve the umpiring system they bring advance technology. How much a cricket umpire earn per match? Emirates introduce the elite panel in 2002 for betterment cricket matches. ICC Cricket Umpires Salaries data reported.

Elite panel umpires earn contracts from cricket council. They get allot other facilities such as traveling expenses, hotel staying expense and food other’s. A cricket website revealed the salaries for ICC umpires according to which $1,500 per match fee’s paid to them.

Cricket umpires from different categories selected. Elite Panel (match referees and umpires), elite panel (international match referees and umpires) and ICC development program umpires and referees. Development program help’s ICC to find the future referees.

Umpires ODI Match Fee Test Match Fee T20 Match Fee ICC Tournaments Annual Earnings
Aleem Dar$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Bruce Oxenford$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Christopher Gaffaney$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Joel Wilson$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Kumar Dharmasena$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Marais Erasmus$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Michael Gough$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Nigel Llong$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Paul Reiffel$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Richard Illingworth$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Richard Kettleborough$3,000$5,000$1,500$3,000$100,000
Rodney Tucker$3,000$5,000$850$3,000$100,000
David Boon$1,500$2,500$850$3,000$40,000
Chris Broad$1,500$2,500$850$3,000$40,000
Jeffrey Crowe$1,500$2,500$850$3,000$40,000
Ranjan Madugalle$1,500$2,500$850$3,000$40,000
Andrew Pycroft$1,500$2,500$850$3,000$40,000
Richie Richardson$1,500$2,500$850$3,000$40,000
Javagal Srinath$1,500$2,500$850$3,000$40,000

Later sports magazine report published and the explained in their article a match umpire in cricket earn $3,000 per match. Recently massive hike seen in the salaries of match officials. The financial details taken from trusted sources of cricket (blogs, web site, forums, news and public reports).

A bit difference in the salaries of match referees and umpires. The two umpires earn ($100k) which include bonus and tournament money annually. The match referee’s who performed third umpire and referee’s duty earn ($50,000) annually based on selection in the ICC matches.

The above table you can see how the match fee’s paid to umpires and match referees. ICC recently include many new match officials from all cricket nations in their development program. They won’t select for big games but selected for U19, U21 cricket matches.

Match Referees & Umpires Sponsor Bonus:

Fly Emirates current sponsor’s of ICC umpires they paid bonus money to the best umpires of the match, series and tournament. Umpires get facilities from sponsor such as (shirts, foods and accommodation). A source (Cricket 2x) report revealed match umpire received the award best icc umpire get paid ($10,000) cash prize.

ICC Women Cricket umpire salary 2020

ICC announce women cricket umpires to the matches. Claire Polosak alongside Eloise Sheridan create a history after selected for the first time as match official’s for men’s match. Adrian Griffith, Kathleen Cross, Sue Redfern, and Jacqueline Williams other four match officials who seen in the women cricket matches regular basis. Estimated ($500) per match is salary for the women umpire.