Champions League Referees Salaries (Contract Details)

Champions League Referees Fees 2020

The best referees from worldwide selected for the Champions League matches. In past few years many controversies regarding to champions league referees rise. How much these controversies impact their payroll. Champions league referees salaries were based on their contract with UEFA.

Champions League referees best paid after Fifa World Cup and Euro referees. In 2018, a report published about champions league referee selection. According to elite panel official earn more money than other’s. Referees & lines-man selected for Euro 2020 (source) earn less money than Champions League referees.

UEFA Champions League Referees Salaries 2021-22 (Reveled)
Category Match Referee Assistant Referee Fourth Umpire
Elite $10,000 $3,000 $1,000
Elite Development $6,500 $2,000 $800
First $3000 $750 N/A
Second $2,000 $550 N/A
Third $1,000 $350 N/A

Senior Officials: Senior Officials are the one who selected for Elite Panel. These officials have experience 5-6 years. Elite referees selected for the big games, to make sure match finished on fair results. UEFA and Fifa works on development of elite panel. Each referee who comes under development program elite panel earn $6,500 per match.

Assistant Referees Match Fees: There are two assistant referees who helped the match officials from both sides. They are the one’s who call for the fouls, corner kick and offside rule. Assistant referee with years of experience earn $3,000 per match and new entery official make $350 per match.

Champions League Referees Per Match Fees (2020)
Official Category Per Match Fees Country
Damir Skomina Elite Panel $10,000 Solvenia
Cüneyt Çakır Elite Panel $10,000 Turkey
Björn Kuipers Elite Panel $10,000 Netherlands
Danny Makkelie Elite Panel $8,000 Netherlands
Antonio Mateu Lahoz Elite Panel $8,000 Spain
Dr. Felix Brych Elite Panel $10,000 Germany
Daniele Orsato Elite Panel $8,000 Italy
Gianluca Rocchi Elite Panel $8,000 Italy
Clément Turpin Elite Panel $10,000 France
William Collum Elite Panel $8,000 Scotland
Carlos Del Cerro Grande Elite Panel $8,000 Ukraine
Benoît Bastien Elite Panel $6,500 France
John Beaton First $3,000 Scotland
Anatoliy Abdula Second $2,000 Ukraine
Aliyar Aghayev Second $2,000 Azerbaijan
Marius Avram Second $2,000 Israel
Mohammed Al-Hakim Third $1,000 Sweden
Sascha Amhof Third $1,000 Switzerland

Not all referee’s get paid $10k per match. Only officials that have been selected for quarter finals, semi finals, and final make $10k. Other officially who regularly called for the champions league duty maximum earn $6,500.