CFL Referees Salaries

CFL Referees Per Match Fees 2020

Canadian Football League paying higher wages to match officials. A report in 2018, revealed the salaries of CFL referee’s. According to the report a CFL official earn (CAD$500) per match. But currently there is no official confirmation these salaries true or not. CFL referees salaries yet not claimed by any of the sources from Canadian football.

Officials Per Match Fees Playoffs Fees Grey Cup Final Fees Yearly Earnings
Professional Referees$500$750$1,500$45,000
Entry-level Referees$100N/AN/A$3,000

The above salaries of professional and entry-level referees mention in Canadian currency. In past two season match fees of senior officials with years of experience increased upto 5%. CFL ref’s wont even make to highest paid referees in the world. WWE match officials payscale (Source) 50% more compared to CFL or NFL referees.

Canadian Football League recently include female officials for the matches. No information about their salaries and match fee’s currently available. But estimated $500 paid to the experienced female official and entry-level earn maximum ($150).

Two categories from which referee’s selected, entry-level referee’s become professional after getting 2-3 years experience CFL season. Professionals mostly choose for the big games and for duties such as (referees and umpire). Above detail’s match officials financial taken from trusted sources of CFL blogs, news sites, and forums.

Officials Per Match Fees
Head Linesman$750
Line Judge$750
Back Judge$550
Side Judge$550
Center Judge$550
Match Referee$1,500
Per Match Fees

Total seven staff members of match official selected for one match. All of them serving different duties during the game to retain fairness of the game. The best paid are (match umpire and match referee). The earnings for the match referee’s get double when they selected for the Grey Cup final. Ref’s selected CFL referee’s for Grey Cup earn ($5,000) maximum. More details of CFL referees salaries updated once the confirmation about official revealed.