Conor McGregor vs Donald Cerrone Purse Payouts UFC 246

McGregor vs Cowboy bonus 2020

Conor McGregor returning next year back in UFC ring against Donald Cerrone. The fight take place on 18th January 2020 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. After suffer defeat from McGregor hopeful to give a good feedback in his next fight. The fight considered the main event of UFC 246. McGregor Cowboy purse payouts higher if the ppv sales crossed expected revenue.

McGregor Cowboy purse payouts depned how pay-per-view sales genrated from tv money and gateway income. The popularity of Irish mixed martial arts fighter higher tickets sales revenue will be massive as well tv rights money. McGregor earn $3 million even after losing fight from Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 228 in 2018. UFC 228 generate $17.73 million from gateway receipts.

FightersPurse MoneyBonus
Conor McGregor$3 Million$100k bonus overall potential earnings reach to ($80 million) 
Donald Cerrone (Cowboy)$200,000N/A

McGregor Guaranteed Purse Money ($3 Million): Mcgregor earn $3 million guaranteed purse his earnings double if the ppv sales rise ($10 million). Then $2 million will ppv revenue share for the Mcgregor and $500 paid to Cowboy. He earn $7.7 million from the fights purses in 2016.

Cerrone Guaranteed Purse Money ($200,000): Donald Cerrone earn $200k guaranteed purse money and his earnings increased to $1 million which include ($200,000 showing) and $200,000 ppv revenue share if cross the expected sales according to MMA sources.

McGregor Knockout Cerrone UFC 246 : Mcgregor claimed in one his interview that he take $50 million for Khabib bout. According to news sources from MMA, he will make ($80 million) from the fight. He defeated cowboy in 40 seconds of the first round. Some news sources claiming that he earn potential earnings upto ($30 million) and some ($80 million). The purse money information more accurate once official gateway income and ppv sales revenue updated.

UFC after signing deal with ESPN increase the influence of the sports. UFC earn $4 million from the previous 245 event. The upcoming UFC 246 gateway income expected to be rise compared to all previous main events. Ultimate Fighting Championship $750 million deal with ESPN is a reminder for the fighters they won’t get a penny from it.