Mauricio Rua vs Antonio Rogério Nogueira Purse Payouts

Rua Nogueira purse payouts

Mauricio Rua back in action, his fight for upcoming UFC fight night confirmed. He will face opponent (Rogério Nogueira) at UFC on ESPN 14. The fight card for the event confirmed and take place in United Arab Emirates. Rua previous fight drawn against (Paul Craig) at fight night 164. Rua Nogueira purse payouts reported by a mma source, according to their data, Rua make ($200,000) straight money and his challenger Nogueira earn ($130,000) to show and $100,000 for winning the fight.

Antonio Rogério Nogueira fight schedule with Rua at UFC 250, change in the venue create problem for Nogueira in visa issue. The fight later called of and now it’s confirmed that (Nogueira) fight with Rua on this weekend at UFC on ESPN 14 fight island. In previous fight, Nogueira received $128,000 straight money and $10,000 promotional bonus. He will get paid $130,000 to show for fight (Mauricio Rua) and reported winning for the the fight is ($100,000).

Mauricio Rua vs Antonio Rogério Nogueira Purse Payouts


Guaranteed Money

Winning Bonus

Sponsorship Bonus

Performance Bonus

Overall Earnings

Mauricio Rua




Not Reported


Antonio Rogério




Not Reported


The above information based on both Rua Nogueira purse payouts gathered from trusted sources. The details of their earnings updated once the fight is ended which include winning bonus, performance bonus or fight of the night $50,000 bonus.