Jamie Mullarkey vs Khama Worthy Purse Payouts

Mullarkey Khama Worthy Purse

The main-event pay-per-view card announced, Jamie Mullarkey who recently gets contract with UFC earned first fight of the career against Khama Worthy. Their fight held behind close doors due to covid-19. Mullarkey Khama Worthy purse payouts based on their current on going contracts with promotion.

Jamie Mullarkey vs Khama Worthy Purse Payouts (Confirmed)


Guaranteed Purse

Winning Bonus

Sponsorship Bonus

Overall Payouts

Jamie Mullarkey





Khama Worthy





It’s a debut fight for Jamie Mullarkey, his guaranteed purse for the first fight in UFC maximum $10k, winning the fight brings $10k more to his account. It’s fourth fight of the Khama Worthy career in UFC, he recently suffer defeat from (Luis Pe├▒a). It’s a great chance for him to make sucessfull comeback to UFC.

The detail information regarding Mullarkey Worthy purse payouts updated here after their fight, they will not get paid any ppv share bonus but received guaranteed purse, promotional bonus, winning bonus and UFC performance bonus. UFC 260 fighters payouts based on their contract with promotion.