Longest Football Players Ban’s in History

Footballers Ban More Than a Year

Football sometime become a horror dream for the players. In recent years some football players suffer longer bans. Players earlier punished for months but now players suffer ban for years. Joe Barton is leading the list with longest ban for 1 year and 6 months for some betting issue.

The biggest betting scandal in football history, Sheffield Wednesday lost their match to Ipswich Town. The scandal involve three footballers. Tony Kay, David Layne, and Peter Swan involved in the match fixing scandal which later become a nightmare for all three footballers. All three of them suffer life time ban but two of them return after 8 years and 7 years time period.

Joey Barton (18 Months Football Ban)

The longest ban for Joey Barton in 2017Joey Barton face ban of 1 year and 6 months after admitting football association charge in relation to betting. After 1960’s its 2nd longest ban for any footballer.

Diego Maradona (15 Months Football Ban)

15 months ban for Diego Maradona Drug test failure One of the best football players of All-time also suffer ban in football. Maradona face 15 months long ban the main cause is (drug test failure).

Eric Cantona (9 Months Football Ban)

Eric Cantona Hitting Fan 9 Months banEric Cantona one of the legend Manchester United player. He scored 131 goals in his overall career. Cantona face 9 months ban because of hitting a fan.

Luis Suarez (4 Months Football Ban)

Suarez biting incident during world cup 2014Luis Suarez who scored 140 goals for Barcelona. Well known for his biting problem and become headline after biting incident with Giorgio Chiellini during world 2014. This incident cause him 4 months football ban.

Patrice Evra (7 Months Football Ban)

Patrice Evra hitting fan ban him 7 months longJust like Eric Cantona, Evra suffered 7 months long football ban for hitting a fan. This all happen during UEFA Competition game when players are warming-up.

Players =Ban Length Cause of Ban Year
David LayneLife time ban (8 Years)Betting & Match Fixing1960’s
Tony KayLife time ban (7 Years)Betting & Match Fixing1960’s
Peter SwanLife time banBetting & Match Fixing1960’s
Diego Maradona15 MonthsDrug Test Failure1991
Joe Barton18 MonthsBetting2017
Eric Cantona9 MonthsHitting Fan1995
Patrice Evra7 Months (Uefa Club Matches)Hitting Fan2017
Mark Bosnich9 MonthsDrug Test Failure2007
Rio Ferdinand8 MonthsNew Zealand1999
Adrian Mutu7 MonthsDrug Test Failure2004
Kolo Toure6 MonthsDrug Test Failure2011
Vinnie Jones6 MonthsGrabbing1992
Luis Suarez4 MonthsBiting2014