WWE Highest Paid Divas in 2022 (Revealed)

Best Paid WWE Female Wrestlers

WWE is currently most watched wrestling sports in the world. Recently many big names from mixed martial arts and other sports show interest to join it. A report revealed recently in year 2020, according to that Becky Lynch with $3.1 million leading highest paid wwe divas list. Ronda Rousey with $2.1 million retain 2nd spot and current in-active.

Divas Salary Contract Franchise
Ronda Rousey$2.1 MillionN/ARaw / Smack Down
Charlotte Flair$1.1 million2022Raw
Becky Lynch$3.1 million 2022 Raw
Alexa Bliss$350,000 2022 Smack Down
Anuska$350,000 2022 Raw
Bayley$350,000 2022 Smack Down
Natalya$300,000 2022 Raw
Nia Jax$280,000 2022 Raw
Carmella$250,000 2022 Smack Down
Lana$250,000 2022 Smack Down
Sasha Banks$250,000 2022 Smack Down
Mickey James$250,000 2022 Smack Down
Shayna Baszler$200,0002024NXT

WWE never revealed its super stars male or female wrestlers financial details. In past few years number of sports news sites, journals and magazine reports claimed the wrestlers salaries. The current details of WWE divas salaries obtain from sources such as Crunchy Sports, TSM Sports, Express UK, Wrestling Forum, Mirror UK, and Business Insider.

If we compare wwe divas salaries with male wrestlers a massive paygap can be seen. Brock Lesnar earn $12.5 million (highest paid wrestlers) a year while Ronda Rousey best wwe diva maximum make $1.5 million.

Ronda Rousey Salary ($1.5 million):

Ronda Rousey Salary in 2020

Ronda Rousey is one best paid UFC fighter and after signing a new contract with WWE in 2017 she become highest paid wwe diva. According Sports Crunch report she make $1 million from his annual contract with WWE in 2017. Ronda rise to fame star in WWE after having fued with Triple HHH and Stephanie Mcmahon.

Charlotte Flair Salary ($550,000):

Charlotte Flair Salary in Wrestling 2020

She is the daughter of WWE hall of famer (Ric Flair). Charlotte Flair make his wwe debut in year 2014 from NXT. Charlotte become well know WWE diva after winning her first major divas title in 2016. She is 2nd best paid diva in wrestling currently with annual salary estimated upto $550,000.