All-time Most Expensive Boxing Contracts Deals

Expensive Boxing Contracts

Big money paid to the boxers once they get sign up with big promotional companies and promoters. Canelo Alvarez one of the richest boxers in the world after signing contract with promoters (DAZN) for five year 11 fight deal. The deal made him most paid boxers in the world after Floyd Mayweather Jr. Most expensive boxing contracts list lead by Canelo Alvarez and Mayweather Jr.

Most Expensive Boxing Contracts
Contract Deal
Fights in Deal
$365 million
11 Fights
$450 million
6 Fights
$100 million
3-5 fights
$1 Billion
DAZN & Match Room
$150 million
$120 million
Canelo Alvarez DAZN Contract deal 2020

Canelo Alvarez DAZN Contract Worth ($365 million): Alvarez currently earning highest money in boxing calendar. His next fight for year 2020 announced but due to Corona-Virus pandemic the fight schedule for next year or postponed. His contract with DAZN and match room makes him highest paid boxers last year in 2019 with $92 million earnings from the fights. According to reports he pocket $50 million for his first two fights under (DAZN and Match room) promotions and $35 million for third fight in future under-contract terms and conditions with DAZN.

Mayweather Jr Contract deal with Showtime

Floyd Mayweather Jr Showtime Contract Worth ($450 million): Mayweather Jr listed highest paid boxer in 2012, after signing most expensive boxing contract with Showtime. The details of his contract never public, but according to sources he made ($200 million minimum). After fighting with Canelo Alvarez and Manny Pacquiao back to back fights under (showtime) contract and promotions, he earned $450 million which brings him long-term boxing contract holders for six fights.

Joshua $1 billion contract with DAZN Match room

Anthony Joshua DAZN Contract Worth ($1 Billion): Joshua become highlight of boxing calendar after suffering defeat from Andy Ruiz Jr. According to details Joshua received $32 million for his fight against Ruiz Jr which makes him highest paid British sports athlete in year 2019. In 2018, after leaving showtime as boxing promoter Joshua signed new deal with DAZN which is worth of ($1 billion).

Tyson Fury ESPN Contract 2020

Tyson Fury ESPN Contract Deal ($100 million): After Joshua, Fury become 2nd most paid boxing super star in Britain after signing $100 million deal with ESPN. Fury become highest paid WWE wrestler after signing short-term deal with them and according to sources received ($15 million) for fight against Braun Strowman. Tyson Fury received $25 million for 2nd fight against Deontay Wilder which include tv rights money.