Top 10 Most Selling PPV in UK Boxing History

UK Boxing PPV Buys

Anthony Joshua, David Haye, Rickey Hatton, Conor McGregor and Tony Bellew made their name to the all time list of boxing pay-per-views sales. Anthony Joshua lost from Andy Ruiz is biggest upset in the boxing year in 2019. Joshua made return to the ring after the first fight with Ruiz Jr in the same. Boxing UK PPV buys records lead by the Ruiz Jr vs Joshua re-match fight. According to sources almost 1.54 million pay-per-view sales generated.

All time UK Boxing PPV Buys Record
Boxing Fights
PPV Sales
Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr II
1.54 million
Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Kiltschko
1.53 million
Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker
1.45 million
Wladimir Kiltschko vs David Haye
1.17 million
Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Ricky Hatton
1.15 million
Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin
1.11 million
Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor Mcgregor
1.01 million
Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Manny Pacquaio
1 million
Manny Pacquaio vs Ricky Hatton
David Haye vs Tony Bellew

Anthony Joshua fights increase the sale of most boxing pay-per-views in UK. His fight with Andy Ruiz Jr in re-match at Saudi Arabia broke broke the all-time UK pay-per-view record with 1.95 millions buys. DAZN sports channel revealed that the fight between Joshua and Ruiz jr is most stream in 2019.

Mayweather Jr is the 2nd boxers who bring most pay-per-view buys in UK. His fight with Conor Mcgregor increase the pay-per-view sales upto (1.01 million) in UK. The fight telecast on Sky Sports Box office. Wladimir Klitschko Ukrainian fight hold the third most pay-per-view buys. Wladimir Klitschko fight with Joshua hits 1.53 million buys record which is retain all time highest before Ruiz Jr fight with Joshua.

All information regarding to pay-per-view sales gathered from trusted. Sources, in future if any other fight pay-per-view records sales hit in UK, the listed will be updated.