FIFA eWorld Cup 2022 Prize Money (Winners Share)

FEWC 2020 Prize Money

FIFA Interactive World Cup the biggest sports competition in gaming history. Fifa announced this tournament in 2004, Thiago Carrico de Azevedo from Brazil become the first champion. In last few years many new players join the Fifa online gaming. Interactive world cup prize money increased with its rising popularity.

According to details the prize money start increasing after year 2012. The winner in 2012, collect ($26,000). In 2017, Fifa Interactive world cup organizers increase 50% prize money and now the winner of the online interactive world cup received $200k.

Fifa eWorld Cup 2022 Prize Money (Revealed)
Category Summary
Winners Share $200,000
Runner-up $50,000
3rd Place $6,000
4th Place $5,000
5th-8th Place $3,000
9th-16th Place $2,500

The winner of the FeWC 2018 competition received the prize money $250,000. There is no much increase for 2019 tournament. The winner not only received cash prize but also get a chance to meet his favorite footballer.

The runner-up in the competition received the prize money $50,000. Third and Fourth place holders also received cash awards $6k and $5k. The above details of the prize money take from trusted sources (Express UK, Forbes, TSM Sports, & Games Guru).

Past Winners of eWorld Cup Since (2022)
Players Details
Yet to be decided $250,000 (2020 Winner)
Mohammed Harkous (Germany) $250,000 (2019 Winner)
Mosaad Aldossary (Saudi Arabia) $250,000 (2018 Winner)
Spencer Ealing (England) $200,000 (2017 Winner)
Mohamad Al-Bacha (Denmark) $26,000 (2016 Winner)
Abdulaziz Alshehri (Saudi Arabia) $26,000 (2015 Winner)
August Rosenmeier (Demark) $26,000 (2014 Winner)
Bruce Grannec (France) $26,000 (2013 Winner)
Alfonso Ramos (Spain) $26,000 (2012 Winner)

In the above list you can see all the past winners of FeWC competition. Mosaad Aldossary from Saudi Arabia reached back to back final of the FeWC 2018 and 2019. The last winner’s earns $250k as winning prize money. After watching the success of Fifa eWorld Cup many other sports gaming companies start their own e-tournaments. FIFA World Cup 2022 no eworlds-cup tournaments coming ahead before the competition.