UEFA Super Cup 2020 Prize Money

Super Cup 2020 Prize Money

UEFA Super Cup 45th edition for the Year 2020 announced. Portugal host super cup in year 2020 at (Porto). Estádio do Dragão stadium selected for the Champions league winner and Europa league winners. The stadium open on 16 November 2003 and have seating capacity upto (52,033). UEFA Super cup prize money in 2020 increased.

In 2018, the winner of Super cup earned (€3.2 Million) and runner-up received (€2.2 Million). In 2019, The winners prize money double, Liverpool earned (€4.5m) and Chelsea who lost the final received (€3.5m). According football sources the winners prize fund for year 2020 increased in Super cup held at Porto, Portugal.

UEFA Super Cup 2020 Prize Money
Prize Money
€5 million
€3.8 million

In the above table you can see how purse money distributed among the teams of UEFA super cup 2020. The winners earnings increased to (€5 million) which include the tickets revenue share also. The runner-ups get paid (€3.8 million) and also received extra revenue share from tickets.

UEFA set the rules according to which (60%) tickets set for the visiting clubs and other seats capacity sale through UEFA online auction. No information shared about the tv rights money pool which is distributed among the two teams who will play super cup final.

All information regarding to super cup 2020 prize money based on the reports public recently. If any changes made to the current prize money, updated here later.

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