Tite Net Worth

Tite head coach of Brazil football team since 2016. He won the major tournament Copa America in 2019. His career as professional manager in football began in 1991 but won first title with (Veranópolis) 1993. Tite salary reported (£3.02 million) in 2018 before world cup. Tite net worth details revealed for the first time in the same year upto ($12 million).

Tite Net Worth

Tite Net Worth ($12 Million)

He signed a new contract with Brazil team after winning Copa America. The contract with Brazil ends on 2022 after the world cup. His earnings increased after signing the new contract and according to reports his annual salary rise 25% more.

Tite annual salary Brazil 2020

Tite Base Salary ($4.18 Million) Tite annual base salary increased $4.18 million after signing another three years contract deal. Under his management Brazil won 34 matches out of 48 and 10 matches ended as draw. The losing ratio of Brazil decrease to 0.28% and winning ratio increased from 56% to (70%) under Tite.

He received the award of (Campeonato Brasileiro Série A Coach of the Year) in year 2015. He won Campeonato Brasileiro Série A title twice as head coach of Corinthians. His salary reported ($1 million) while being manager of Corinthians according to sources. In 2020, he listed among highest paid copa america head coaches. See the full list Copa america 2020 head coaches salaries.

The financial information of Tite gathered from trusted sources. His salary and contract details revealed during the Copa America and World Cup 2018. If any changes made to his contract with Brazil before world cup 2022 information updated here later.

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