Scottish Premiership 2021-22 Prize Money

Scottish Premiership Winners Share 2020

Scottish Premiership sponsored by (Ladbrokes) increase prize money for the clubs. The SPFL recently announced (£25 million) paid to all 42 clubs. The clubs from Premiership, Championship, league 1 and league 2 received fixed amount of prize fund. The winner of 2021-22 Premiership received (£3.35 million) prize money share.

League Standings Prize Money Share for Each Club
1st Position £3.35 million13.40%
2nd Position £2.4 million9.60%
3rd Position £2.06 million8.25%
4th Position £1.81 million7.25%
5th Position £1.68 million6.75%
6th Position £1.56 million6.25%
7th Position £1.43 million 5.75%
8th Position £1.37 million5.50%
9th Position£1.31 million5.25%
10th Position£1.25 million5.00%
11th Position £1.18 million4.75%
12th Position £1.12 million4.50%

Total 12 teams who get a fixed amount of prize money. Teams who faced relegation in the season earn (£1.12 million) and (£1.18 million). Second place club collect the share of (£2.4 million). No details announced how much tv revenue money paid to the Scottish clubs on base of their performances.

The prize money for the Scottish Premiership hike each season. If the growth increase rate remain. Many new fan’s from worldwide recently start following the top football clubs like (Rangers, Celtic, Aberdeen and Hearts). TV money will be the key-factor in future after SPFL signed new long-term deal with Sky Sports, BBC Scotland, Premier Sports and MG ALBA from 2020.

Total prize money of £25 million not only paid to the Scottish Premier league clubs. Its further distributed among the League 1, league 2 and Championship division teams. The 1st position and champions of championship division earn (2.25%) share from prize money.

The prize money table updated before the final week matches of Scottish Premiership. Currently Celtic and Rangers dominating the league more details about the prize money provided here once season over.