Real Madrid Players Bonus Money Winning (Champions League & La Liga)

Real Madrid Players Bonus

Corona-virus paramedic, change the trends of financial situation of many big football clubs. How much money Real Madrid players earn for winning the champions league and La Liga title recently revealed online for year 2020. According to leaked data, each player in the squad of Real Madrid €720,000 bonus payment if the club win both champions league and La Liga. Real Madrid players bonus confirmed for the year 2020.

The reported data, confirmed that each player in Real Madrid champions league winning squad received €420,000 bonus money if the club manage to win the season. Extra bonus money payout increase for the club players from season 2018-19, according to sources, each player in Real Madrid earn (€300,000) for winning the LA liga title in year 2019-20.

Real Madrid Players Bonus Money (Champions League & La Liga Title) 2020


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Eden Hazard earning £20 million a year, if Madrid won the league title and champions league this season, Hazard yearly earnings increased to (£20.7 million) which include the bonus money payout. Real Madrid players salaries made them expensive football club in the world and only there players receiving such high budget bonus money payout for winning titles.

If any changes made to current Real Madrid bonus details in future, the given information updated here later. All information regarding to bonus of champions league and la liga collected from top sources of football.