MLS Cup Prize Money | (Winners Share)

MLS Cup winners share 2020

MLS Cup the most watched cup competition in American Soccer. Two best teams of the tournament reached the final. The prize fund for the MLS Cup 2022 increase in last five years. The winners not only become the champion but also get place in CONCACAF Champions League.

CHAMPIONS $275,000

Fox Sports reported that the winners of MLS Cup received the winning share $275,000. Team who lost the final and finished as runner-ups in the cup received $80,000. The prize money compare to supporters shield’s winner is 25% extra. Supporters shield winner earn $55,000 maximum but if they won MLS Cup alongside it prize money double for them ($100,000) extra bonus paid to winning club.

No official information updated about how much the prize money distributed among the players. The above financial information of the MLS Cup is based on reports from top news sites (Goal, Fox Sports US, Football Finance, Top Sports Magazine).