James Rodriguez two years Contract Deal Everton 2020

James Rodriguez Contract Deal

James Rodriguez, listed among best attacking midfielders he played for top football clubs Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, AS Monaco and FC Porto. Recently he linked with Everton for transfer move. On 8th September 2020, it’s confirmed that Everton signed Colombian attacking midfielder for reported transfer fees of (£20 million). James Rodriguez contract deal with Everton based on two years contract.

Football sources, reported that he hold one year optional in his contract which makes his deal with Everton upto three year from 2020-23. He will make his debut against (Tottenham) on 13th September 2020. Rodriguez among best paid player in Real Madrid. His contract with Madrid worth (£60 million) since 2014-2020. He received (£200k weekly wage) at the club before moving to Everton.

James Rodriguez Contract Deal Everton 2020


Base Salary

Weekly Wage

Contract Worth

Transfer Fees


James Rodriguez

£4.32 million


£12.5 million

£20 million


He will accept the pay-cut and will start the training with Everton players soon. According to reports his weekly wage reported upto (£150,000) weekly but it will decrease to £90k weekly after wage-cut. His current contract deal with Everton for two years worth of (£12.75 million) including bonus and with no wage-cut.

The details based James Rodriguez contract deal with Everton based on first team squad salaries at the club. He will accept the same percentage of wage-cut as much as other first team players offered before new season.