EURO 2020 VIP Tickets Cost for Final & Semi Final (£20,000)

EURO 2020 VIP Tickets Cost

How much for VIP tickets in Euro 2020 football fans have to pay. The Sun reported that Euro 2020 VIP tickets cost maximum (£20,000). The price is adjusted before the groups completely final. Currently few teams left to qualify for the Euro 2020.

Euro 2020 tickets cost might go downwards but still fans have to pay between (£13.7k to £7.9k). Rich football fans can enjoy lucrative and stylish lounge with private table, and high end cuisine and meal services along unlimited champagne.

Group Match (VIP Tickets)
Quarter Finals (VIP Tickets)
£10,000 – £7,000
Cuisine, Unlimited Champagne
Semi Final (VIP Tickets)
Private Table, unlimited champagne, Cuisine services
Final (VIP Tickets)
Private Table, unlimited champagne, Cuisine services

Most of the football fans are not happy with this hike in the prices of VIP tickets. A football fan on social media said “You need to be a millionaire to purchase these tickets”. While some football fan’s opinion about cost of final match and semi final ticket price is that advertisers are targeting (Mega rich).

Even if the price of the tickets fall it still cost fans (£10k to £7k) in the quarter finals and in semi finals (£13,700). According to sources, Group D and Group E of Euro 2020 matches tickets price higher. UEFA generates a big amount of revenue from tickets which is also shared with the winning team of Euro 2020. Tickets revenue impact the Euro 2020 prize money and winners share.

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