UEFA Euro 2020 Mascot “Skillzy” Revealed

UEFA Euro 2020 Mascot

UEFA Euro 2020 Mascot confirmed for the event called “Skillzy”. Liv Cooke and Tobias Becs the freestyle footballers joined Skillzy. UEFA invited people from all 12 Euro host nations. Upload their football skill’s videos to represent their cities in the competition.

Skillzy Euro 2020 Mascot

You can show your talent of football to the world through Euro 2020 competition. UEFA idea of “Skillzy” is to promote the freestyle football. Skillzy show some skills in the video alongside British professional freestyle footballer (Liv Cooke) and Tobias Becs from Norway.

Skillzy performing skills to Euro 2020 Fans

Liv Cooke say “the beauty of free-styling football, panna, and street football promoting to football fans all over the Europe a great opportunity. UEFA Euro 2020 Mascot skillzy face less criticism compare to previous mascot of UEFA Euro competition.