Copa Libertadores Prize Money Distribution Table

Copa Libertadores Prize Money

Copa Libertadores the biggest cup competition among South America football clubs. Clubs from (Brazil league, Argentina league, Bolivia, Venezuela, Paraguay and other leagues of South America) qualified for the tournament. Copa Libertadores prize money increased for the tournament and winners qualified for Club World Cup and Recopa Sudamericana.

The winning team of the Copa Libertadores prize money hike to ($12 million). Team who lost the final received the prize money share of ($6 million). In 2018, the prize money for the winners 2/3rd of the current purse. The winners in 2018 received $2.5 million as winning share reported (TSM Sportz).

Top Goal Scorer Bonus
Best Player in Tournament
Fair Play Trophy Award
Eliminated at the first stage
$350,000 each team lost in first round
Eliminated at the second stage
$500,000 each team lost in 2nd round
Eliminated at the third stage
$550,000 each team lost in 3rd round
Group stage
$3 million (each team)
Round of 16
$1.05 million (8 losing teams of round of 16)
$1.2 million (4 losing teams in quarter finals)
$1.75 million (2 teams losing team in semi finals)
$6 million (1 team losing finalist)
$12 million (1 team winners of Copa Libertadores)
Overall Prize Money
$36.55 million

Not only teams received the prize money but also players. The top goal scorer in the tournament received $30,000 to $50,000 prize money. The purse money for the top scorer increased after 2018-19 competitions. Footballer awarded best player award also collect ($50,000) and fair player award winners also received ($50,000).

Football teams suffer lost in the first round of qualifiers of Copa Libertadores received $350k. All teams eliminated in the 2nd round of qualifiers received $500k and third round team ($550k. Teams qualified and drawn in group each of them earn ($3 million) as base fees.

Quarter finalist teams received the prize fund share ($1.2 million) but after including their group stage earnings each team earn ($4.2 million). Semi finalist two losing team collected purse money upto ($1.75 million) and adding their group stage share make it ($4.75 million) for both teams.

Copa Libertadores Semi finalist prize money 2022

Copa Libertadores 2022 Winners Prize Money : The team who won the title of Copa Libertadores earn $12 million the prize money later increased based on the tv rights and participation fees. Which means the winning team received $15 million after including the group stage earnings in their winning fund.

The financial data in the above table gathered from trusted sources of football, the prize money might increase on base of tv revenue and tickets income. No information provided how much two teams earn in the final from tickets revenue.