F1 2022 Prize Money | How Much Ferrari & Mercedes Earn Equal Share

F1 Prize Money 2020 Revealed

Formula One teams earn in million’s for top finishing. The prize money hike 25% in last five years. In 2018, Ferrari make $208 million from constructors championship which include bonus. However Ferrari retain’s the top position with ($511.9 million) as of winning share in year 2019. Some Formula 1 teams received extra bonus money on base of their previous season performance and popularity. F1 2022 Prize Money reported.

Racing Teams Column 1 Column 2 Bonus & Others Total
Ferrari $35 Million$56 Million$114 million$205 Million
Mercedes$35 Million$66 Million$76 million$177 million
McLaren$35 Million$46 Million$71 million$152 million
Red Bull Racing$35 Million$32 Million$33 million$100 million
Renault$35 Million$38 MillionN/A$73 million
Haas$35 Million$35 MillionN/A$70 million
Williams$35 Million$15 MillionN/A$60 million
Racing Point$35 Million$24 MillionN/A$59 million
Sauber$35 Million$21 MillionN/A$56 million
Toro Rosso$35 Million$17 MillionN/A$52 million

In the above table first column represent the equal merit. Which means all teams received a fixed amount of prize money ($35 million). The 2nd column is about how F1 teams finished on points table. The prize money paid to all F1 teams according to their drivers position on formula 1 table and constructors position.

F1 Constructors Champions Prize money bonus 2020

Formula One organizers provide extra support to some teams with annual bonus money. Ferrari F1 team earn highest bonus money in season 2019. According to sources ($114 million) paid in bonus to them. Bonus prize money is not fixed for every team almost half of the team wont earn any bonus.

Team Drivers Total Team Prize Money Won
Sebastian Vettel$511.9 million
Lewis Hamilton$449.6 million
Kimi Räikkönen$386.3 million
Nico Hülkenberg$250.9 million
Sergio Pérez$232.2 million
Daniel Ricciardo$231.1 million
Valtteri Bottas$218.3 million
Romain Grosjean$200.9 million
Robert Kubica$154.7 million
Max Verstappen$132.5 million
Carlos Sainz$126.5 million
Daniel Kvyat$71.8 million
Kevin Magnussen$49.9 million
Lance Stroll$33.3 million

This is how much driver earn prize money for their teams. Sebastian Vettel leads the list with almost $511 million which include racing winning bonus. Lewis Hamilton stand 2nd in the list of 2019, drivers prize money. He brings $450 million to his team account. The lowest prize money won by any driver for his team is Lance Stroll $33.4 million. Further detail about prize money distribution among F1 teams will be provided here. How much Formula 1 prize money adjusted in 2022.