F1 Cars New Design Liveries 2020 Season (Released)

F1 Cars Designs Liveries

Formula one 2020 schedule released in the start of the year. Now all racing teams revealed the looks and car designs for the upcoming season. Mercedes is the first team who revealed their F1 car for the season 2020. Allot of changes in the design, color combination and sponsor logos on the car can be seen. Each teams change F1 cars liveries design to bring something new for their fans.

Mercedes F1 2020 Car Design & Liveries :

F1 Mercedes 2020 Car Liveries
Mercedes the first F1 team who revealed their new car look for the fans. The car color design comes with grey, sky blue, and yellow edition. INEOS with whom the Mercedes sign five year deal logo printed in white color.

Ferrari F1 2020 Car Design & Liveries :

Ferrari F1 2020 Car Design
The SF1000 Formula 1 Ferrari car comes with “extreme” design. Last season the Ferrari F1 car comes with (low-drag concept) and this year Ferrari F1 made some changes to it’s concept to make it challenger for other racing teams. The new Ferrari F1 car feature better “maximum aero performance” and maximise downforce level.

Red Bull F1 2020 Car Design & Liveries :

Red bull F1 2020 Car Design
The car comes with three colors edition dark blue, red and yellow. Honda engine adjusted for the 2nd successive year. Red Bull finished third last year in the constructors championship, hopeful to become the champions in 2020. Their new car look is unique from the previous season car livery.

Renault F1 2020 Car Design & Liveries :

Renault F1 car 2020 design
Renault F1, team did not upload the full design images of the their car. But make some substantial changes to their new car design.

McLaren F1 2020 Car Design & Liveries :

McLaren F1 car design 2020
McLaren totally changed the livery of their car. The car features papaya, sky blue color combination. McLaren F1 team released their new car design in the start of the year 2020.