Vitality Blast 2022 T20 Prize Money

Vitality T20 Blast Winners Share

Vitality Blast T20 cricket league in England and Wales start from May. The final’s played in September. Just like top cricket leagues T20 blast also pay big prize money to the winning team, runner-ups and player of the tournament. The name of the league change to new sponsor (Vitality) earlier edition league known for (Natwest T20 Blast).

Vitality Blast T20 prize money for 2022 tournament not confirmed yet. The prize fund you see in the given table is from previous tournament and this how the it distributed among the winning team and players.

Stages Players Pool Money Employer’s National Insurance Element County Performance Payment
Losing Semifinalist (each team)£14,000£1,932£16,212
Losing Quarter finalist (each team)£4,500£621N/A
Man of the Match (Per Match)£225£31.5N/A
Man of the Match (Quarter Finals)£500£69N/A
Man of the Match (Semi Finals)£1,000£138N/A
Man of the Match (Final)£2,500£345N/A
Most Valuable Player of Tournament£5,000£690N/A

Winning team received the prize money share upto (£175,000) and runner-ups in the tournament ends earned (£78,000). A cash prize (£500) to each player who wins man of the match award in Quarter Finals. The cash prize money increase for the man of the match player semi final upto (£1,000).

The cricketer who player of the match award in final received £2,000. Highest cash prize award is for the player who received man of the tournament, collect (£5000). There might be changes in the prize money currently no information provided. Big Bash League prize money 15% more for the winners compare to Vitality blast winners.

All the financial information of the tournament (t20 blast) prize money gathered from trusted sources of cricket. The information based on public reports, forum posts and new’s articles.