IPL 2021 Led Wickets Stumps & Bails Price

IPL Bails Stumps Price

Indian Premier League 2021, began in India this year. After corona-virus rising cases in India. All matches currently played behind the close doors, some sources claimed that small number fans allowed to watch the match with social distance. The most expensive led bails used in cricket leagues now days. According to reports, IPL led stumps price recently reported to RS 45 lac.

IPL 2021 Season LED Wickets and Bails Cost


Cost Indian Rupee

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Indian Premier League

RS 45 Lac



These wickets come with light censor technology that help umpires decision during the match. These led bails price based on their technology, according to reports in India (Rs 30 Lac to Rs 50 lac) required to buy quality LED zing bails. In 2017, for the first time TSM Sportz media revealed that details of Led Bails used ICC Tournaments. They reported $45,000 cost for the T20 world cup led bails.

Some cricketers took the wickets after the match as memory for their performance, but after introduction zing led bails no player allowed take bails with him as they were costly. The bails currently used in Indian premier league worth ($50,000). The detail information regarding IPL 2020 led stumps price collected from trusted sources.