ICC Test Championship 2022-23 Prize Money

ICC Test Championship winners share

ICC Test Championship began in 2022 and it will be ended in 2023. Top 9 teams who are official members of ICC playing the tournament. Currently India is leading the test championship in 2022 with most points. No information released about the prize money of ICC Test championship.

Summary Prize Money
Champions$1 million (retain 1st ranking in ICC Test)

Australia most dominated side in the test championship. They have won the test championship (9 times). The 2nd team who won most of the test championship titles India (5 times) and South Africa won (3 times). Recently ICC makes the Test Championship an official tournament for the International teams.

Team who stands first in ICC test rankings till the end of the year. Received $1 million prize money for becoming test champion of the year. The ICC test championship 2022-23 prize fund will be announced soon.