UFC Ring Girls Salaries

HOT UFC Ring Girls

UFC ring girls who just make a small appearance during the match and events before the fight. How much money do they get paid? Here you will see the details of the ring girls’ earnings per match and main PPV-event. In 2018, TSM Sportz revealed the list of the salaries of UFC ring girls. according … Read more

NASCAR Pit Crew Members Salaries


NASCAR becomes the most watch race sports in United States. But how much money does a NASCAR pit crew member earn. The salaries paid to the members based on their skills. Crew Chief who select the team for pit earn more money. In recent few years, NASCAR reduced the members in Pit from six to … Read more

Badminton Referees Salaries

Badminton Umpires Salaries 2020

Badminton one of the most popular sports among the Asian athletes. In 2018, a sports site published article about worst referee’s salaries. According to which a Badminton referee, match umpire and line umpire earn 1/3rd of the WWE and NFL referees salaries. Big pay gap among the badminton referees salaries. Badminton Referees Salaries 2022 Per … Read more

CFL Referees Salaries

CFL Referees Per Match Fees 2020

Canadian Football League paying higher wages to match officials. A report in 2018, revealed the salaries of CFL referee’s. According to the report a CFL official earn (CAD$500) per match. But currently there is no official confirmation these salaries true or not. CFL referees salaries yet not claimed by any of the sources from Canadian … Read more

Premier League Referees Salaries

Premier League Referees per match fees

Premier League match officials selected on base of their performance throughout a year. According to news site a premier league referee earned maximum salary (£70,000) a year. Premier league referees salaries increment and earn (£38,000 – £40,000) in a year. Recently VAR technology introduced in the Premier League and become quite controversial after few goals … Read more