Tennis Ball Boys & Girls Salaries

Tennis Ball Boy Girls Salaries

Ball Boy and Girls seen in the court on both sides having tennis balls in their hands. How much money do tennis ball boys girls earn in a tennis match. Most of the times girls and boys volunteers for this duty during the matches. But in some tournaments tennis ball boys and girls get paid. … Read more

Water Polo Referees Salaries

Water Polo Referees Salaries Earnings

Water Polo rising sports in European, Asian and American countries. Some countries started domestic competition and leagues for development of the game. Almost three officials handle a single match of water polo. All three of them have different duties during the game. How much water polo referees salaries rise compare to other sports officials. Water … Read more

IPL Cheerleaders Salaries

IPL Cheerleaders Salaries

Indian Premier League become one of the highest paying sports for everyone attached to it. Cheerleaders from different countries cheer for the IPL teams. But how much do they get paid for their performance. IPL cheerleaders salaries leaked first time in year 2014 by (Crunchy Sports). The source claimed that cheerleaders salaries earn $15,000 each … Read more

WRC Drivers Salaries | Contracts 2022

WRC Drivers Per Race Fees

World Rally Championship starting in the start of the 2022 year. Otta Tank dominates the 2019 World Rally Championship with 263 points. In past two years many reports revealed the salaries of the WRC drivers. Recently a sports news claimed that only top drivers get paid each season. Auto Sports revealed that top drivers only … Read more

Handball Referees Salaries

Handball Referees Match Fees 2020

Handball getting popular sports worldwide. International tournament started in all four continents Asia, Africa, America and Europe. Match officials selected from all countries for the fair results. Handball referees salaries revealed in 2018. A professional match official earned $800 per match. Four match official giving duty during the handball match. Two are match referees, score … Read more