MLB Series 2020 Prize Money

This year major league baseball season shortened due to covid-19 but still take place in year 2020. The team of Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays reached the finals of MLB series 2020. Last year MLB Baseball pool announced $81 million which is distributed among the playoff teams. The winning team share percentage (35%) … Read more

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Mookie Betts 12 Year Contract Deal with Dodgers ($365 million)

Mookie Betts contract Dodgers

The star midfielder of (Los Angels Dodgers) agree to sign a new contract worth $365 million for 12 years. He is currently holding contract salary ($27 million) a year until 2020. The Mookie Betts contract with Dodgers began from 2021 and according to reports, he will received ($20 million) a year. He become second player … Read more

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New York Yankees Schedule 2020 MLB Season (Released)

New York Yankees schedule

Major League Baseball season 2020 confirmed all teams schedule released. The venues might be change due to corona-virus. The opening game of MLB season 2020 announced, Yankees play against defending champions (Washington Nationals). New York Yankees Schedule 2020 season released and broadcast live on ESPN and FOX Sports in United States. Three new players picked … Read more

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Los Angeles Dodgers vs Arizona Diamondbacks TV Channels 2020

Dodgers Diamondbacks Stream

The pre-season matches of MLB 2020 announced. MLB season starts from 23rd July and finals played in October 2020. Teams played 60 games this season this season. Los Angeles Dodgers first pre-season game schedule on Sunday where the will face (Arizona Diamondbacks). Dodgers Diamondbacks stream channels confirmed for United States (Fox Sports and ESPN). Los … Read more

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Chicago Cubs vs Chicago White Sox TV Channels 2020

Chicago Cubs Sox Stream

Major League Baseball 2020 season confirmed, a news source revealed that season games consist of 60 matches. Chicago Cubs will seen back in action this weekend their first pre-season match announced. Cubs face White Sox on this Sunday. Both teams players looking forward to play a exhibition match instead of Intrasquad match. Chicago Cubs Sox … Read more

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