Top 30 Best Sports Free Live Streaming Sites/apps Right Now

Best Sports Streaming Free

There are allot of question internet users search on google some of them were listed. Here you will get the List of 30 top free streaming sports sites list. Currently the online trend is to watch sports events for free rather than watching movies online, there are only few sports that gets no streaming copyrights … Read more

Highest Paid Football Managers 2022 (Contract Details)

The Richest Football Managers 2020

Football club’s not only spend money on players but also looking for best managers. Pep Guardiola currently highest paid football manager’s in the world with ¬£15 million deal with Manchester City Club. Carlo Ancelotti joins him in the highest paid football managers race with new four years contract deal with Everton FC. Many football clubs … Read more

World’s Most Popular T20 Cricket Leagues (Average Attendance)

IPL Popular T20 Cricket League 2020

T20 cricket in past five years received great feedback from fans worldwide. The 20 over’s game now become official symbol of successful cricket leagues. Indian Premier League the first edition of T20 cricket domestic league host by India. IPL catch the headline news worldwide for over-crowded stadiums with fan’s. Rank League Attendance ¬†Overall Attendance #1 … Read more

Most Expensive Loan Football Players Transfers in History

Expensive loan transfers of footballers

Football clubs with big budget spend millions to buy player in transfer window. Recently some football clubs spend massive amount to sign players on loan deals. The most expensive signing of all-time in football on loan deal is French center forward (Kylian Mabbpe). PSG football club spends ¬£45 million to bring Kylian Mabbpe to their … Read more

Highest Paid WWE Wrestlers 2022

WWE Highest Paid SuperStars 2020

WWE is one of the most watched wrestling sports. Recently it become popular in Arab and Asian countries. Saudi Arabia and India both host events in their country of world wrestling entertainment. Brock Lesnar catch spotlight after signing a new contract with WWE become the highest paid wrestler with $12.5 million annual contract. John Cena … Read more