Tursynbay Kulakhmet vs Heber Rondon Purse Payout

Kulakhmet Heber Rondon Purse

Carl Frampton and Jamel Herring main fight card announced, the co-main event schedule between Tursynbay Kulakhmet and Heber Rondon for WBC International super-welterweight title fight. It’s the third pro fight of WBC International super-welterweight title holder Tursynbay Kulakhmet. Kulakhmet Heber Rondon purse payouts confirmed for the fight.

Tursynbay Kulakhmet vs Heber Rondon Purse Payout (Confirmed)


Guaranteed Payouts

PPV Share

Total Payout including share revenue

Tursynbay Kulakhmet




Herber Rondon




The details regarding to Tursynbay Kulakhmet fight payout based on his previous fight earnings, he will make guaranteed payout upto £150k and no reports revealed how much pay-per-view split bonus paid to him. He is going to defend his WBC International super-welterweight title for the first time after winning it from Macaulay McGowan.

Heber Rondon, pro boxer Venezuela looking forward to challenge Kulakhmet for WBC International super-welterweight title, his earnings estimated (£50k) no winning bonus announced yet. If any changes made to the both Kulakhmet Heber Rondon purse payouts details updated here later. The fight schedule and broadcast live on ESPN+ behind close door and it’s co-main event of (Frampton vs Herring) fight card.