Stephen Fulton vs Arnold Khegai Purse Payouts

Fulton Arnold purse payouts

Stephen Fulton takeing on Arnold Khegai in the upcoming fight on 25th January. Fulton is a better boxer, allot of boxing experts choose him favorite for this under-card main event fight. Arnold Khegai known for his hard hitting in boxing can create trouble for Fulton. Fulton Khegai purse payouts will be more than previous fights as they were fighting under-card of main pay-per-view between (Garcia vs Redkach).

Fulton improve his boxing skills after winning his fight against (Isaac Avelar). According to sources Fulton earned ($30k) purse payout after winning fight from Avelar. No official information updated how much pay-per-view revenue share with both boxer. Fulton Khegai purse payouts include bonus only for winner.

Stephen Fulton vs Arnold Khegai Purse Payouts
Guaranteed Purse
Stephen Fulton
Arnold Khegai

In the given table you can see the guaranteed purse payouts for both boxers. The purse money increased it depends on the sale of pay-per-view and match winning bonus. The information about the guaranteed purse money gathered from trusted sources of boxing.

As per sources claimed Fulton earned ($100,000) from the fight, if any winning bonus paid to the boxers, earnings will increased ($150k). Undefeated boxer from Ukraine (Arnold Khegai) earn ($60k) and winning bonus increased earnings upto ($85k). Highest paid purse money fight held between (Garcia vs Redkach) where both of them earned more than $500k from the fight.

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