Oscar Valdez vs Jayson Velez Purse Payouts

Valdez Velez purse payouts

Oscar Valdez retain his undefeated run since making debut in boxing. He recently become the WBO featherweight champion after defeating Matías Rueda from (Argentina). His upcoming fight held behind the close door due to corona-virus pandemic. ESPN hold the official coverage rights for (Valdez vs Jayson) fight on Monday. Valdez Velez purse payouts will based on the sale of pay-per-view.

No doubt, Oscar Valdez is favorite for the fight he defended his WBO featherweight title six times in a row. His current winning streak in boxing 27-0. He made big money from the fight against Scott Quigg. A report revealed that Valdez received ($420,000) purse money for the fight against (Quigg).

Oscar Valdez vs Jayson Velez Purse Payouts


Guaranteed Money

PPV Share

Oscar Valdez



Jayson Velez



Jayson Velez lost couple of big fights during his career, but gets stable in year 2018. Velez retain his undefeated run since 2018, after winning the fight from (Orlando Cruz). This a great opportunity for him to make a successful comeback and earn title fight in future. He participated in 35 pro boxing fights and dominate in 29 fights and loss 5 fights in his career.

The above details based on Valdez Velez purse payouts collected from top sources of boxing. The earnings might higher then given data, because boxers received tv rights money and pay-per-view revenue.