Lyndon Arthur vs Dec Spelman Purse Payouts

Arthur Spelman purse payouts

Dec Spelman contender for light heavyweight get a chance during covid-19 pandemic, he will fight behind close doors against British commonwealth champion Lyndon Arthur who retain his undefeated since 2016. The fight take place in BT Sport Studio, London, United Kingdom on 31st August 2020. Arthur Spelman purse payouts details reported yet but champion will make in double figures.

Arthur defeat (Emmanuel Anim) in previous fight claim the commonwealth light-heavyweight title in October 2019. He will make 25% more compare to previous fight but as there will be no audience no gateway income generated, Aurther get paid only fight contract money for defending light heavyweight title.

Lyndon Arthur vs Dec Spelman Purse Payouts 2020


Purse Payouts

PPV Revenue Share

Lyndon Arthur



Dec Spelman



In the above table you can see Arthur Spelman purse payouts for 2020 title fight. These earnings are estimated, because few promoters offer tv money to boxers for fighting in pay-per-view fights. Some promoters pay extra money if both boxers fight increase ppv sales from the expected.

Dec Spelman it’s first main-card pay-per-view title fight of his career, he holds the record (16 wins) in 20 fights. He will earn estimated £10,000 from the fight. Further details about the fighters earnings updated if they get paid any tv revenue money based on pay-per-view sales.